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Broken Springs Can Cramp Your Summer Style

Does your garage door feel heavier than it should? You might be on your way to a broken spring - which means your door won't be functional during some of the hottest days of the year (super inconvenient!). If your door isn't working at all, look up and check your springs - if it looks like this, your spring has broken.

This is a new garage door spring replacement that we did just a couple of weeks ago - this is what it SHOULD look like.

Never try to work on springs yourself - garage door springs and cables are under a tremendous amount of tension. Working on a garage door oneself can result in serious injury. Call us instead! We can get your door working again. #brokenspring #brokengaragedoorspring #charlottebrokengaragedoorspring #charlottegaragedoors #garagedoorrepair #charlottegaragedoorrepair #charlottesmallbusiness #familyowned #locallyowned #recommendedgaragedoorcompany

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